1.3 – Mistaken

Rhea stepped out of her tiny bathroom in her only dress. Formal clothes had not been a financial priority of hers yet, but she figured that if she were to do this more often the purchase of a new outfit would be useful.

With such short notice and an empty fridge, she had nothing to contribute to the get-together other than her own presence. She did not even know if the couple expected her to provide an addition to the meal – Rhea did not think to ask.

She knocked politely and quietly on the rickety door, smoothing out the remaining creases in her dress. There was a loud yell of “Come in!” over the rattling racket of a food processor.

Rhea had never entered Chiron and Aella’s houseboat before. The barge itself was slightly wider than the S.S Olympus, though lacked the beauty of a curved bow. The greying sidling and smeared window panes were other signs of its obvious age.


She pushed the door open gently to reveal cosy – if a touch dishevelled – living quarters which tactfully made use of the lack of space.

“Hello dear,” Aella greeted her guest kindly, though she didn’t look up from her cooking, which from what Rhea could see seemed to be a simple salad, “food will be ready in a minute or two!” There was a vague mumbled how-do-you-do from Chiron as well, who was furiously typing away on a computer.


Rhea bowed down to her feet to pull her shoes off, trying her best to hurriedly explain her lack of donation to the occasion, yet this did not seem to faze either host – both of whom carried on with their respective tasks.

A warm chuckle filled the silence behind her.

“What a coincidence!”


7 responses to “1.3 – Mistaken

  1. Wonderful beginning to your legacy! I’m enjoying Rhea’s narrative, her unlucky trait really shows through. Especially at work! Alex seems an interesting character, too. I am excited for her to learn more about him. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

    • Thank you, It’s good to hear that her unlucky trait is showing. By the way I love your legacy too, I discovered it a week back and haven’t stopped reading since!

      • Yes, I hope that the trait doesn’t cause too much trouble for any future romances! And thank you, I hope you enjoy the reading.

  2. Wow. It’s hard to stand your ground with kids sometimes. If you get on to them, you’re mean, if you let them get away with stuff, you’re weak. I hope Rhea can find the difficult medium.
    Hurray for Alex being at dinner…he’s a cutie…
    Loving your story!

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