0.1 – The End of a Beginning

The end of Antigonus’ leave had been looming for a while, and soon he would be forced to leave the many comforts of his new home in Sunset Valley for the harsh naval life waiting for him at sea.


And the Navy in Sunset Valley was certainly so much harsher than it was back in his native town of Isla Paradiso. But he could not go back now not after…

Well, the pay was better here anyway, and his young family needed some security now.

He held his firstborn daughter gently above his head, listening to her happy coos for the last time, his own mouth echoing her young laughter despite the situation. How could he leave her at this crucial stage in her short life?


He brought her close to his chest. Perhaps there would be a time where they could go to the cinema together, or do her elementary homework, or even teach her to sail and pass on his great passion to the next generation.


He put her carefully back into her pushchair and turned to his wife.

“I’ll miss you,’ he said simply, for it was the truth, though on a larger scale that Plato himself could not understand. “I’ll miss you too,” she replied and they formed a tight embrace. “Stay alive, Ant,” Gaia pleaded. Antigonus did not reply. They both knew that the degree of the manslaughter throughout this war was beyond the military’s control now.

“I love you, Gaia. I always will.”


“I love you too. Forever.”


And with that, he walked away from his love ones.


Little did he know that this would be the last time he would ever see them.

Little did he know that his soul-mate’s sanity died with him, those two months later.

Author’s Notes

– Welcome to the Aegis Legacy everyone! This is one of two prologue chapters I will publish before we carry on with Rhea’s story. The details in both of these chapters should come up again later in the story, so stay tuned.

– I know the beginning chapters will be a little depressing, but hopefully things will get better for Rhea when she moves.


3 responses to “0.1 – The End of a Beginning

  1. Interesting start! Makes me wonder what happens to his family and him. Sounds like its gonna be a good story already.

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